When Autocorrect changes a word you didn’t spell wrong…



I fucking love her!!

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You know why women don’t understand males? Because they are simple. They aren’t complicated like us. They are not us and we keep thinking they think like is because we want a man who can understand us like our girlfriends do. Bottom line is they never will. They can try all day long. But they won’t ever understand us. They are simple ass creatures. Keep it simple.

I’m a good girl whose addicted to being bad

He made me laugh in a way I never knew possible. I laughed because the smile on my face was the smile in my heart because of him. It somehow made me addicted. Just made me feel so good that I wanted to be around him all the time. I’ve never gotten enough of him. Not to this day. He’s something I’ll always crave. His time and attention. His kisses and his laughs. It’s all I’ll ever need from him to keep me happy. It’s all I need to be truly happy. He’s all I need in this life of sin. He gets me. He gets everything. He’s my best friend. He someone I loved with my whole heart. Everything I had I gave him. 110% of me is what I have him and I never love people like that. Just the girls I call best friends. But love a man like that? Oh no, Serena Yaya doesn’t ever do that.

I wish my smile was bigger when he causes it because I can’t smile big enough when I’m with him.

When you see a coworker getting at another coworker when she is married and her husband works there too and the dude acts cool to her husband…

That’s none of my business though, this tea though!


You know what? Sassy McJean-Shorts is fresh out of the gym rocking a killer smile and looking a helluva lot cuter than that birch pole of a supermodel behind her, so fuck it. She wins all of the style points.

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